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stocks -  



the hand saver

switch tool


sun glasses

saw horse helper, foldable saw house use

magnetic holder

cell strap

racket clamp piers

coffee pot helper

nosey medical pliers

hot wire surgery control box

windmill wrench , Barnard Crane  does all the maintained on them with  slip handle

book on healthy drinking water in your home, portable R. O., liquid fire, portable foam

crabbing boats ideas - smaller wire cages, heat windshields

micros - building, designing, programming book

inventions - products thinking and making a career out of 

micro ox emission electronic gauge, cars, furnace / boilers

e amount of CO2 present in the water. Due to the natural decrease of pH across the RO membrane system, the pH inlet to the membrane contactor is below 6. This favors the formation of CO2 gas and allows the membrane contactor to efficiently remove CO2 gas from the water.




interesting stuff

Tank Track helper clamp M1A1

Leanono Davici  year1480,  2 lb ball, 

Posstasium cloriate / phyorius = matches






1897 a horse Areostiedies, church hill down, Kentucky derby, 80 acres lease from his uncle, bag bomb -

 Big brown second triple crown, Belmont steaks he looses

Dina former - once in 60 years

feed warmer, dehumifider - mold feed ph tester