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Water Leaks or No Water No Heat - Electric , Furnace, Boilers
Well Pumps - Well Tanks Sink Clogs

Frozen Pipes

Sump Pumps

Hot Water Heaters - leaking or not working

Toilet Clogs

Outside Faucets Whole House Water Filters
Septic Problems - Grinder/Eff. Pump - Pit Repair & Yearly Cleaning

Installation Under Sink Reverse

Osmosis Drinking Water System

Electrical Repairs-Upgrades-Wall Switches-Wall Outlets Main Circuit Breaker Box - Repair / Change Outs


Spring Time - Septic Pit Cleaning Special $129 Complete - No Extra

I remove or unbolt the cover, power hose off gunk off of the 3 floats and area, they usually gain up big balls of crud on them and later will make your alarm go off and create pump problems, also I scrape off the walls of the basket that builds up the same crud, flush the system about 3 complete times.. This is usually done in the spring, done once a year, to keep you from needing a $1200 + grinder pump early or a emergency service later.

Other septic Repairs - Besides Grinder Pump repair or Replacement - Besides yrly Pit Cleaning

The Turkey Mound white pipe clean-out lines sticking out of the mound

  "After the Lawn Mower cuts them off " Repaired " for $40 total


Boiler or Furnace Tune-up $129 Complete - No Extra - For a Tune - up

I Install A Brand New Nozzle, a Brand New Oil Filter, a Brand new Flame sensor photo cell, This Service usually get the unit back and Running again. all for $129.00, if extra parts are needed there will be a extra charge

Flex-con bladder tanks

Well Tanks

We Give a 5 year Highest Warranty on installed Bladder tanks

All other installers ONLY Give YOU A YEAR Warranty, because they use cheaper tanks

Note : The $499 Well Tank Complete installed price Below (19/42 gal.) is the most Common Well Tank for 99% of the Homes

$390 Complete   ( 6/15 gal. )  others charge $500 +

* $499 Complete  ( 19/42 gal. )  others charge $600 +   

$650  Complete  ( 35/82 gal. )  others charge $685 +

$775 Complete ( 50/120 gal. )  others charge $700 +

Other Parts Installed when it's Time, Replaced or Serviced below so you have water when you want it . 

 Also Captive/ Bladder Well tank should be replaced every 6 yrs

Well Switches - or well pump control switch should be replaced every 6 yrs

  Pressure Gauge - Replaced when it does not work & is Rusted to a Frozen State


New Hot Water Heaters INSTALLED

Prices included All Parts & All Labor

Performance 40 gal. 19 x 46 Electric 6 Year 4500/4500-Watt Elements Electric Water Heater - Installed for $575

Performance 50 gal. 21 x 46 Electric 6 Year 4500/4500-Watt Elements Electric Water Heater - Installed for $595

Performance 80 gal. 23 x 61 Electric 6 Year 4500/4500-Watt Elements Electric Water Heater - Installed for $950

Performance 38 gal. ---- Low Boy unit ---- 31 x 23 , 6 yr warr. $650

We Buy the new unit, deliver it, remove old unit, plumb in the new unit & take the old unit way.

Water Heaters Rebuilt 

is water heater not working - but not Leaking

Then you need me to install a Rebuild kit in it

All Electrical componets replaced for $185

Prices included All parts & All Labor

Kitchen, Bath - Faucets Installed or Rebuilt for usually $119.00 Complete

That includes the service call too.

Single Handle or 2 Handle w / Pop-ups   Delta - Moen - American Standard 

Shower Control Valves - Replaced or rebuild complete $140 - $200 charge including everything besides Control Valve. 

Bath Tub Drain Leaks / Repairs with parts & Labor, w/S.C.    $80- $99    complete price

Toilet Rebuilt & Repairs $119.00 Complete

 Toilet Rebuilds -  includes Service Call with labor &  parts  

 Toilet clogs -  includes Service Call with labor  

Refrigerator Ice Maker Supply Lines  $99  total with parts

Kitchen Dishwasher Installed

Pick up if needed, Install the unit - Removal of Old Unit,  $180 

Frost Free - Outside Faucets Replaced $179  complete

Sweat - Compression

All Electrical Repairs  

GFIC, ARK FAULT, Wall Switches - New Wiring Upgrades, Lighting - Kitchen - Bathroom Electrical

Electric Heat - Thermostats & Baseboard Heaters

Repair Electrical Problems,  Replace Weak or Defective Circuit Breakers, Outlet installed, Ceiling Fans & Lighting Installed

Electric Heating Repairs

Electric Baseboard Units & Thermostats Wiring, Troubleshooting & Repairs

Sump Pumps Installed $350 Complete

Liberty 237 Sump Pump    others put in only a 1 year unit.

OEM Rocket 7000 Wireless Oil Level Monitor  $101.99


Whole House Water Filter installed

$199 wo / pex - $250 w / pex  Complete, 

Includes misc extra parts needed for the install

If you remove your toilet tank top &  it's  Brown or Black  in there  ---  you need a Whole House water filter, the same water is polluting all your plumbing pipes & all your home appliances.

 Brown Buildup in Toilet Tank & Bowl  (Take A Peek in Your Tank

  Out the Door Price , No service call, No hourly charge + I leave you a New second fresh Replacement Filter

Under Sink RO Reverse Osmosis System   R.O. is THE BEST you can Buy  

You should have this if you Drink or Lug Bottled Water Home or If you don't trust your City / Well Water for Drinking

No More Lugging Bottled Water home from the store.   RO equipment is also capable of treating for biological contaminants like Cryptosporidium.  Removes Everything Bad - Even Virus

5-Stage 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System Free Shipping.  Sale Price: $199.00  

third $200

All R.O. Systems Complete Labor Install price will be $229  complete

CE2 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System    Reverse Osmosis System 5-Stage & TFC-24 GPD Membrane   Watts 25 GPD 4 Stage Zero Waste RO System FMRO4-ZW

Crystal Quest® Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Water Filter

Whole House Water Softener For Well Water   Other Company's charge about $2,500 for a complete install.
Abest Plumbing - you buy the unit at home depot, ect,  I will install it for about $500 labor,for misc. parts, ect.
Common city and well water problems and their solutions
RDWS-Feed Pump: Chlorine feed systems to remove iron bacteria & sulfur bacteria.  Water Filter Directory


Draws Layout    Bulb town



For Sulfur Smell in your water

Important Built In Air Injector Included. Free Shipping.

  • Greensand Plus Removes sulfur up to 3 ppm, Removes iron up to 15 ppm and manganese.
  • The Fleck 6700 time clock control valve is warranted for 5 years.
  • The 10-year warranted 10" x 54" tank houses 1.5 cubic feet of media.
  • Uses less water than standard Greensand(R), Filox(R), Pyrolox(R) and identical medias marketed under other names during the cleaning cycle and is more reliable than Centaur Carbon(R).
  • An air injector is built into the control valve. Nearly all other Internet companies fail to include this important part of the system.
  • Unit ships in 5 separate boxes and includes a media funnel.
  • We supply 10' of drain line.



Local installers Never give YOU a 6 year Warr. on ALL New Parts & Labor...BUT WE DO & Always Have.

We do NOT use some cheap 1 yr. warr Pump by the manufacture as others commonly installs that only lasts 5 yrs - Not the Normal Pump Lifespan That is 20 yrs . We use the same Manufacture Pumps for over 20 yrs. we use only the Best Pumps.

Note : All Pumps if installed Correctly & the Correct pump SHOULD Last for 20 yrs is the rule.

Look at your last recite & find on it the stated warr. I bet it says from the installer 1 yr. warr on your recite.


As  a 1 yr warr pump will last 5 yrs approx. & a 6 yr warr. pump will last 20 yrs is the math stuff as this is my rule & experience & if you read the links below my chart here, you will see the pros say the exact thing as I say & Do.


Since before 1992 ALL of My past work has a 0 Failure rate so far for the last 20 yrs I have been doing this in PA. alone. TO DATE 2010



Well Pumps Replaced


We 99% of the time Save The Customer  an average of  $700Compared to Most Other Company's while we use the correct parts, do very good work & treat the customer as fair as possible without going broke is our Goal

100' To 600' Well Depth

Depth of Well The Correct Pump We Install 

Includes All Parts with Pump & Labor

100 10 gal / 1/2 hp/6.5 / 8 Stages $800
125 10 gal / 1/2 hp/4.5 $850
150 10 gal / 3/4 hp/9.5 / 12 Stages $900
175 10 gal / 3/4 hp/8.5 $950
200 10 gal / 3/4 hp/7.5 $950
225 10 gal / 1.0 hp / 9.0 Gpm  / 18 Stages $970
250 10 gal / 1.0 hp / 8.5 $999
275 10 gal / 1.0 hp / 7.5 $1,050
300 10 gal / 1.0 hp / 6.5 $1,100
325  7 gal / 1.0 hp / 7.2 Gpm / 21 Stages $1,150
350 7 gal / 1.0 hp/5.5 $1,200
350 5 gal / 1.0 hp / 5.7 Gpm / 26 Stages $1,275
375 5 gal / 1.0 hp/5.5 $1,350
400  5 gal / 1.0 hp/5.1 $1,425
425 5 gal / 1.0  hp/4.7 $1,500
450 5 gal / 1.0  hp/4.5 $1,575
475 5 gal / 1.0  hp/3.8 $1,650
500 5 gal / 1.5  hp/5.5 Gpm / 35 Stages $1,725
525 5 gal / 1.5  hp/5.2 $1,800
550 5 gal / 1.5  hp/5.1 $1,875
575 5 gal / 1.5  hp/5.0 $1,925
600 5 gal / 1.5  hp/4.8 $1,999


Read this MAIN Page "Only The Right Pump" part - As I Do as They DO - We both Agree

Information on captive type water well pressure tanks, Checking a tank to see if its bad & how air should be add.

Why Abandon Unused Wells Properly Now? *NEW*
This is a job we did that may interest those who may wonder about this question.

Information on Well Caps, Types, Styles, and Protection Provided. (Is it "Sealed Water Tight"? Is your well cap "VARMIN PROOF?")

Information on that Rotten Egg Smell Coming from your Water. And how you may be able to cure it 'especially' if you have a captive air tank.

Information about wells below grade. Such as in Well pits, Driveway Ramp's over Wells and Wells in Basements.

Well Abandonment Information that has been scanned from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Publ-Ws-016 95 rev.

Scanned from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Publ. WR-104 91.

Information on the way types of well systems are put together. Such as Submersible, Shallow and Deep Well Jet Pump Installations.


House Water Pressure Regulators Installed - This unit is in all Community's that receives water from a water Company above 60 lbs, the unit is set @ 45 lbs regulated safe water pressure  $249  total

AquaPEX Tubing      Pex Pipe and Supplies

Aquapex is the leading brand of potable water (Hot/cold) PEX Tubing. This brand of PEX Tubing is manufactured by Uponor Wirsbo. Aquapex may be used in radiant heat applications where there are no ferrous (metal/iron) components. However Wirsbo Aquapex is more commonly used for PEX Plumbing applications.

Aquapex meets ASTM F876 and F877, and is certified to NSF standards 14 and 61. It is rated by the PPI : 200°F at 80 psi, 180°F at 100 psi, and 73.4°F at 160 psi.

Aquapex Tubing comes in white, red, and blue. The tubing is exactly the same just color coated for installation purposes (hot and cold lines).

Aquapex may be used with either the Wirsbo Expander Tool, the SSC Ratchet Tool, or PEX Compression Fittings.

PEX Manifolds for Radiant Heat Applications    Foam core (DWV)

  Grease Traps may be installed underneath a sink, or buried underground. These Grease Traps should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they continue to work properly. Each Zurn Grease Trap includes a flow control valve that operates the flow through grease trap itself.

Purchasing the right size Grease Trap will ensure that your system operates properly. Grease traps may be selected based on flow of water or by sink sizes. This calculator allows you to find the correct grease trap based on the size of your sinks. Grease Trap Calculator.

Grease Trap Sizing and Installation
Grease Trap Sizing - PDI Method (Using Sink Volume)
Grease Trap Installation Instructions
Specification Sheet


Solar Rebate -Gov & State  - Qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit Tubing & Fittings     Float Valves        Aube Indoor/Outdoor        Thermometer       Quad Rod Heat Exchange

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